Founded in 2013 by the directors of Young Choral Academy (USJ, Taipan), Gynger Soh and Jimmy Lim, Voices in Bloom is a biannual event that was initially open to local and international participants aged 6 to 12. After receiving tremendous positive response, we have decided to extend the age limit and introduce the teens category in 2017 to accommodate participants aged 13 to 16. Hence, the Voices in Bloom Virtual International Singing Competition 2021 is an excellent platform for participants of different nationalities to showcase their vocal talents.

For the past 2 years, the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant impact on performing arts and music studies. Considerable changes such as music academy closures and a fluctuating return to normal and more limited operations were forced to be made in order to adapt to the situation. Though alternative learning routines including online and asynchronous learning have pushed the music education industry one step further, they have also given rise to some constraints such as technical problems or individual stress experiences which lead to the loss of motivation in music learning among young individuals. Thus, our main goal is to encourage and motivate each individual to continue pursuing their interest in music through participation in competitions as such even in the midst of the pandemic.

By exposing them to music ranging from pop, jazz, folk, and classical, to music from movies, Disney films, and musical theatre, they are given the opportunity to discover their talents through music of various genres. Besides, this competition would also help to build their self-confidence and develop good showmanship even through video recordings. Not to mention, this would also be a fantastic opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with technology by recording and submitting their video recordings online.

Downloadable Files
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Kindly refer to this competition booklet for more information.

Date Event
8th September 2021 Registration Deadline
17th September 2021 Deadline of Video Submission
20th September 2021
– 12pm (GMT +8)

Audiences’ Choice Award Voting Session Open
27th September 2021
– 12pm (GMT +8)

Audiences’ Choice Award Voting Session Close
8th October 2021
– 3pm (GMT +8)
– 5pm (GMT +8)

Western Folk/Art by Mak Chi Hoe
Musical Theatre/Disney/Movie Theme by James Lim
9th October 2021
– 3pm (GMT +8)
– 5pm (GMT +8)

Workshop 3: Pop/Jazz by Brandon Wong
Awards Ceremony
Jury Panel
[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Top 5 Category Winners” open=”no” style=”fancy”]
Award Name Participation Number Total Marks
Category Winner Chue Qing En A1016 92.00 (Gold Diploma)
2nd Placing Caryn Lee Kai Ying A1015 91.50 (Gold Diploma)
3rd Placing Lim Phin Zhe A1013 91.00 (Gold Diploma)
4th Placing Liaw Jin Yuan A1024 90.00 (Gold Diploma)
5th Placing Lucian Lee Phey Yuah A1015 89.50 (Gold Diploma)


Award Name Participation Number Total Marks
Category Winner Maria Sophia Vizconde Roldan A2057 94.50 (Gold Diploma)
2nd Placing Chan Chung Xin A2011 92.00 (Gold Diploma)
3rd Placing Soo Yu Yan A2031 91.50 (Gold Diploma)
4th Placing Lee Yong Wei A2013 91.00 (Gold Diploma)
5th Placing Edrick Too Wei Hwang A2048 90.00 (Gold Diploma)


Award Name Participation Number Total Marks
Category Winner Shreya Ghosal A3008 90.00 (Gold Diploma)
2nd Placing Tan Yi Qian A3027 89.00 (Gold Diploma)
3rd Placing Yong Zi Qing A3005 88.50 (Gold Diploma)
4th Placing Loo Kai Hung, Ron A3030 88.00 (Gold Diploma)
5th Placing Soon Yen Theng A3013 87.50 (Gold Diploma)


Award Name Participation Number Total Marks
Category Winner Punnika Mahuemuang B1064 97.50 (Gold Diploma)
2nd Placing Chue Qing En B1040 94.00 (Gold Diploma)
3rd Placing Vyktor Theus V. Bayle B1065 92.50 (Gold Diploma)
4th Placing Caryn Lee Kai Ying B1042 92.00 (Gold Diploma)
5th Placing Loh Pin Neng B1014 91.50 (Gold Diploma)


Award Name Participation Number Total Marks
Category Winner Tiffany Ang Yun Xuan B2022 96.00 (Gold Diploma)
2nd Placing Chue Ryee En B2038 93.50 (Gold Diploma)
3rd Placing Natalie Ng Shu Mae B2026 92.50 (Gold Diploma)
4th Placing Ng Zu Ni B2063 92.00 (Gold Diploma)
5th Placing Ong Zhen Yao B2051 91.00 (Gold Diploma)


Award Name Participation Number Total Marks
Category Winner Alilada Lily Vagyoczki B3029 94.00 (Gold Diploma)
2nd Placing Erika Foo Hann-Yi B3055 92.00 (Gold Diploma)
3rd Placing Jade Ninsuvannakul B3015 91.50 (Gold Diploma)
4th Placing Yada Rangsethienchai B3050 91.00 (Gold Diploma)
5th Placing Lee Yen Rou B3047 90.50 (Gold Diploma)


Award Name Participation Number Total Marks
Category Winner Eliza Lee Yin Joo C1011 97.00 (Gold Diploma)
2nd Placing Chan Jia Xin C1004 94.00 (Gold Diploma)
3rd Placing Elyse Tan Yu Shuen C1008 93.00 (Gold Diploma)
4th Placing Ang Yi Lin C1009 89.00 (Gold Diploma)
5th Placing Ong Hui Xin C1010 88.00 (Gold Diploma)


Award Name Participation Number Total Marks
Category Winner Tiffany Ang Yun Xuan C2012 98.00 (Gold Diploma)
2nd Placing Ng Zu Ni C2040 97.00 (Gold Diploma)
3rd Placing Ong Catherine C2028 94.50 (Gold Diploma)
4th Placing Aomboon Boonampol C2005 94.00 (Gold Diploma)
5th Placing Caitlin Teong C2015 93.50 (Gold Diploma)


Award Name Participation Number Total Marks
Category Winner Erika Foo Hann-Yi C3029 98.50 (Gold Diploma)
2nd Placing Jeffery Ling Li Chen C3002 97.00 (Gold Diploma)
3rd Placing Ilona Tai Lok Yi C3032 94.50 (Gold Diploma)
4th Placing Lim Shien Li C3010 93.50 (Gold Diploma)
5th Placing Kailash Alagendran C3017 91.50 (Gold Diploma)
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Category A: Western Folk/Art Song” open=”no” style=”fancy”]
Gold Diploma Silver Diploma
Name Participation Number Name Participation Number
Alicia Tan Een Hui A1026 Diong Zi Qi A1021
Carson Lee Kai Sheng A1014 Errol Lee Jia Shawn A1022
Hor Yan Zhen A1005 Isabelle Foo Yu Xuan A1012
Hui Ern Tan A1017 Jayden Oh Le Hao A1011
Junelle Lim Sze Jun A1002 Lee Kay Xi A1001
Lau Kyshane A1019 Loh Zi Tian A1010
Lee Yu Chen A1023 Saw You Jia A1009
Loh Pin Neng A1003 Soh Hui Chyi A1008
Oon Min Hui A1006 Travis Chan JunShan A1020
Punnika Mahuemuang A1025    
Shermaine Yap A1018    
Yoon Keet Yong A1004    


Gold Diploma Silver Diploma
Name Participation Number Name Participation Number
Bernice Ang Wan Tian A2038 Alyna Kerk Zhi Tong A2032
Caeley Chang Cheng Man A2056 Ang Zhen Ya A2039
Carina Chai Jay Min A2023 Ashlynn Leong Yiqian A2047
Chen Yan Jean A2050 Beh Lu Min A2018
Chiu Yuin Shu A2043 Charis Ng Boo Shin A2019
Chua Kishaw A2016 Chong Zhou En A2005
Chue Ryee En A2020 Chuah Shang Jia A2044
Connie Chong Zi Ling A2001 Claire Lau Xin Yii A2015
Daren Tan Zi Yi A2021 Daphne Wong Hann Lynn A2004
Diong Zi Ying A2051 Gerrilyn Tiew Jing Rou A2042
Janelle Chai Jay En A2041 Heng Zi Xuan A2028
Kang Ming Chun A2024 Lee Jia Ern A2026
Lee Wei A2037 Lee Ren Jie A2029
Loo Zhi Hui A2012 Lim Bei Zhen A2049
Nicole Teong A2017 Lim Pei Xuan A2040
Phuah Yu You A2034 Lim Yu Jing A2053
Soo Yen Xin A2010 Ng Jing Wen A2046
Soon Wan Ching A2030 Ong Ern Ee A2045
Tan Yu Thung A2006 Rachel Lee Weng Yen A2003
Tang Zer Vee A2052 Saw Hui Yee A2033
Teh Yu Xuan A2002 Scott Chang Heen Kun A2036
Tung Enpei A2025 Tiffany Sia May Sim A2014
Wai Hong Le A2007 Yeap Quinlyn A2008
Wong Jia Wen A2035 Yong Qing Hua A2027
Wong Min Shun A2054 Yoon Keet Mun A2055
Yang Chin En A2009    


Gold Diploma Silver Diploma
Name Participation Number Name Participation Number
Alicia H’ng Jie Qi A3007 Chan Yi Xuan A3017
Angelique Kishiola Prima Foraihmbarasi A3028 Chloe Goh Yin Phing A3034
Chin Yuxun A3004 Karen Josephine Kuswara A3025
Chua Lye Xuan A3018 Khor Jia Qian A3001
Grace Karen Kelana A3023 Lee Cze Een A3010
Heng Zi Rui A3011 Lee Xin Ying A3031
Lee Jia En A3009 Lee Yen Rou A3029
Leong Yu Xuan A3035 Leong Felynn A3003
Lim Shien Li A3012 Lim Sheen Ying A3033
Maria Luisa Robles Proaño A3020 Lim Shu Ke A3016
Siow ZiYi A3021 Ooi Win Vien A3032
Tio Niida Abigail Habeahan A3024 Oon Min En A3036
Tioh Wen Li A3019 Saw Ai Jing A3006
    Saw Vi Jie A3015
    Soon Caron Ming Sze A3014
    Teh Yu Hui A3002
    Vennesa Lim Qi Ern A3026
    Yaw Li Chiann A3022
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Category B: Musical Theatre/Disney/Movie Theme Song” open=”no” style=”fancy”]
Gold Diploma Silver Diploma Bronze Diploma
Name Participation Number Name Participation Number Name Participation Number
Aryal Singhsachakul B1026 Adisha Alya Gani B1050 Ashley Heng Jia Ying B1051
Carson Lee Kai Sheng B1041 Alyssa Mok Jia Yinn B1024 Lynn Low Ling Ling B1068
Cayley Chai Sze En B1004 Anak Agung Ayu Trisya Putri Wiratama B1048 Spring Saw Ker Li B1062
Deana Rajapakse B1039 Annabelle Wong Kai Xin B1061 Tan Yi Siang B1003
Elina Ngui Ern Huey B1006 Caitlyn Chang Yu Xuan B1012    
I Gusti Ayu Atisha Kirana Adhi Putri B1047 Chan Jia Xin B1017    
Ivelisse Chia Xin Ying B1005 Cheam Zayden B1031    
Khaw Qiao En B1020 Chen Yan Tong B1053    
Lee Jie Yu B1008 Lee Ern Ting B1021    
Lim Phin Zhe B1036 Lee Jia Yi B1060    
Lim Sze Ern B1025 Lee Jin Yi B1038    
Pek Yon Qing B1019 Lee Yong Di B1046    
Sehu Katie B1044 Liaw Jin Yuan B1063    
Soh Hui Chyi B1032 Loo Zi Xin Janice B1007    
Wong Shanen B1009 Louis Liew Zi Rui B1018    
    Mavis Yin Zi Yan B1045    
    Melanie Lee Wen Xin B1030    
    Mia Tan Mi Wern B1054    
    Nawarin Charanachitte B1056    
    Ng Wan Leng B1011    
    Nurhana Humairah Binti Mohd Hafiz B1027    
    Nurhana Sofea Binti Mohd Hafiz B1028    
    Olivia Teoh Wei Shan B1055    
    Owolabi Folakemi Aweda B1001    
    Putu Aika Shivandewi B1049    
    Rayanne Deanna Ng Wen Xi B1043    
    Roxanne Heng B1067    
    Tan Ven Vee B1034    
    Tan Ying Xuan B1022    
    Thumboon Boonampol B1002    
    Travis Chan JunShan B1052    
    Valerie Carla Hutagalung B1016    
    Yoon Keet Yong B1015    


Gold Diploma Silver Diploma Bronze Diploma
Name Participation Number Name Participation Number Name Participation Number
Alexandria Ng Shu Lynn B2027 Abbey Chua Zhi Xin B2078 Ashley Teoh Xin Yen B2031
Amanda Aluthge B2023 Alana Kinanti Putri Kristanto B2081 Chan Jia Ler B2029
Anyarin Bunbusakorn B2020 Alyna Kerk Zhi Tong B2055 Cheam Zachary A2046
Aomboon Boonampol B2006 Amie Ong Yue Hsuen B2012 Hoe Xin Luo B2049
Ava Tan Ai Wern B2091 Ang Zhen Ya B2069 Khoo Kai Qing B2025
Caeley Chang Cheng Man B2077 Beh Lu Min B2032 Leonard Lim Kai Chi B2039
Cassandra Teo Yijie B2054 Boo Kai Heng B2024 Tan Ying Xi B2001
Chow Sharol B2101 Cadence Tan Yi Ler B2110    
Diong Zi Ying B2092 Caitlin Teong B2030    
Edrick Too Wei Hwang B2078 Caryn Tan Yi Ern B2107    
Gusti Ayu Keira Ananda B2080 Chen Yan Jean B2089    
Hoo Jean Yee B2057 Chong Zhou En B2014    
Kwan Enn Yeu B2104 Chum Xin Er B2043    
Lai Shuo Yik B2052 Claire Lau Xin Yii B2021    
Lim En Yi B2010 Daphne Khoo Jing En B2011    
Marie Lee Wen Xuan B2036 Daphne Wong Hann Lynn B2013    
Megan Lee Jia Ann B2042 Darshanda Eduardo Chandrawira B2084    
Olivia Lee Rui Xuan B2005 Dewa Ayu Indira Brahmani B2083    
Pantara Prasarnsuk B2003 Gerrilyn Tiew Jing Rou B2075    
Peong Thongxin B2103 Grace Ye B2097    
Phuah Yu You B2056 Hazel Quek Sen Hee B2034    
Rachel Lee Weng Yen B2009 I Gusti Ngurah Prathama Abirama B2088    
Senay Ang B2105 Ian Lee Yan Kai B2060    
Tan Jie En B2072 Ida Ayu Alit Kirana Dewi B2082    
Tan Yu Thung B2015 Jeanpitcha Chokephaibulkit B2035    
Tang Zer Vee B2093 Joanne Micol Fernando B2062    
Tanrada Tangpaosak B2059 Joey Tan Zi Yun B2041    
Too Lay Hynn B2045 Joyce Ku Jia Yau B2019    
Tung Enpei B2044 Kate Hui Zi Lin B2098    
Wai Hong Le B2016 Katrine Phua Sue Lynn B2108    
Wong Jia Wen B2058 Koay Jaxine B2094    
Wu Yixian B2004 Lee Jia Ern B2047    
    Lee Ruo Zhen B2095    
    Lee Wen Ying B2106    
    Lim Yu Jing B2096    
    Liu Jie Ying B2018    
    Loh Kar Yee B2102    
    Made Arshinta Tanisya Putri B2067    
    Mallika Dhira Sieto B2068    
    Mychaela Sylvina Rumenser B2065    
    Nara Sthapitanonda B2050    
    Ngoh Lewin B2002    
    Ni Putu Pasek Pratiwi Indira Sari B2079    
    Nicole Teong B2028    
    Ooi Jia Qi B2085    
    Ooi Ren Qi B2086    
    Ooi Xin Qi B2087    
    Oon Yi Xin B2100    
    Pek Yon Wen B2033    
    Pradnyani Kausiky Nara Yogini B2064    
    Putu Ayu Prita Nalini Tirta B2066    
    Quah Yee Lin B2071    
    Ranumi Perera B2090    
    Richelle How Yoke Khei B2076    
    Sharon Kok Tung Xuan B2073    
    Shaun Kok Tung Hur B2074    
    Siew Suet Wenn B2040    
    Soo Yu Yan B2053    
    Tan Yi Hui B2070    
    Tan Yi Ling B2008    
    Tay Xin Ann B2017    
    Teh Yu Xuan B2007    
    Yap Serene B2037    
    Yek Xuen Qing B2061    
    Yong Qing Hua B2048    
    Yoon Keet Mun B2099    


Gold Diploma Silver Diploma
Name Participation Number Name Participation Number
Brettany Goh Yi Xuan B3012 Alicia H’ng Jie Qi B3011
Chu Tong Xuan B3020 Anak Agung Sagung Diva Prajaiswari Cipta Bhumi B3039
Crystal Tan B3001 Anatchaya Chitprawat B3049
Ida Bagus Agung Adhi Dharmasutha B3040 Ayu Khikanea Patra B3032
Khoo Yuki B3025 Beh Xing Yi B3017
Kiu Jing Xian B3009 Chan Yi Xuan B3044
Lai Zhen Ying B3006 Chang Jayne Ying B3014
Nurin Sofea Binti Zulkifli B3028 Chin Xen Xuan B3019
Putera Haziman Bin Hamidan B3023 Chin Yuxun B3005
Sharifah Nur Aisya Bt Syed Abd Kadir Apili B3026 Chow Sher Lyn B3053
Shreya Ghoshal B3018 Ellysa Ramlee B3046
Soh Jing Xuan B3010 Heng Zi Rui B3022
Soon Caron Ming Sze B3027 Ho Jia Xi B3054
Sooreyaa A/P Nadesan B3041 I Gusti Ayu Karin Diva Nugraha B3045
Yaashmita Bala Chandran B3052 Khor Jia En B3013
Yap Xiao En B3036 Lee Cze Ern B3021
    Leong Felynn B3004
    Lim Sheen Ying B3056
    Linnea Singam-Kristensen B3051
    Nicole Chu Qian Ya B3043
    Ong Jing Ee B3038
    Pimmada Sanglamyai B3042
    Prithika Kumar B3037
    Samuel Kok Tung Lim B3035
    Seah Lek Yi B3030
    Tan Ziyi B3003
    Teh Yu Hui B3002
    Tham Chun Shing (Mieko) B3024
    Thanrada Juntharee B3048
    Wong Yu Xuan B3034
    Yaw Li Chiann B3016
    Yek Xuan Xin B3031
    Yek Xuen Lee B3033
    Zeng Yong Jing B3008
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Category C: Pop/Jazz” open=”no” style=”fancy”]
Gold Diploma Silver Diploma
Name Participation Number Name Participation Number
Chua Xin En C1003 Chong Hoh Suet C1012
Iann Harns Wong C1016 Eunice Loh Yiqing C1013
Lee Jia Yi C1005 Lee Jin Yi C1014
Ronan Sia Meru C1002 Liew Fu Ning C1007
Thumboon Boonampol C1001 Ng Aik Juan C1017
Venus Tai Tian Ai C1020 Pek Yon Qing C1006
    Tan Yi Xuan C1015


Gold Diploma Silver Diploma
Name Participation Number Name Participation Number
Adrianna Rania Binti Saiful Baharin C2031 Abigale Chee Zi Yun C2035
Akshainie C2030 Angel Lim Jing Zhi C2016
Alexandria Ng Shu Lynn C2020 Awatiff Sophea Binti Ahmad Zafir C2014
Ayrianne Lew En Xie C2010 Chiara Ng Min Syuen C2032
Chong Kuan Tian C2011 Heng Zi Xuan C2023
Chuang Li Wen C2044 Isaac Ong Jun Jie C2052
Germaine Tai Tian Min C2050 Lee Ren Yi C2025
Gerrilyn Tiew Jing Rou C2037 Lim Pei Xuan C2036
Isabelle Wong Yi En C2002 Lu Yi Faye C2001
Jennabel Yii Yue Chin C2013 Meng Sheng Wei C2033
Joyce Ku Jia Yau C2009 Narida Charanachitta C2045
Kang Ming Chun C2019 Ng Aik Han C2046
Khor Jia Yue C2041 Ooi Ching Yi C2017
Lai Shuo Yik C2038 Ooi Zi Xuan C2029
Lee Ren Jie C2024 Saw Hui Yee C2027
Loo Zhi Hui C2018 Tan Sim Yen C2048
Low Yee Shuan C2004 Tan Yi Rou C2007
Ni Putu Satya Nandhita Suparta C2042 Tey Xin Yee C2022
Pravindi Dharmaratne C2039 Too Lay Fang C2034
Rachel Lee Weng Yen C2006 Yeap Quinlyn C2008
Roger Yu Yang Hao C2003 Yong Qing Hua C2021
Tan Leong Tyng C2050    
Tang Wan Ting C2043    
Vallenciea Sundram C2051    
Vanessa Goh Si Zhen C2047    
Wong Yi Yue Gianna C2026    


Gold Diploma Silver Diploma
Name Participation Number Name Participation Number
Anika Reyna Thiru Nau Karasu C3027 Anniqa Sofia Binti Ahmad Hadri C3016
Chan Yan Zi C3006 Chin Xen Xuan C3008
Elliza Fernando C3015 Connie Goon Tze Rui C3030
Jessica Wong Yi Jing C3019 Edison Wang Pei Hua C3004
Joyce Singai Dickson C3011 Goh Zhi Hao C3024
Lee Yen Rou C3023 Khor Jia Qian C3001
Leong Felynn C3003 Kittiya Phoonkasem C3021
Pornnapat Srisamut C3022 Leong Yu Qian C3033
Roy Wong Weng Hin C3012 Linnea Singam-Kristensen C3025
Sara Kwok Hui Xian C3007 Ong Carlos C3013
Sooreyaa A/P Nadesan C3020 Prissilla Chuah C3005
Yaashmita Bala Chandran C3026 Seah Lek Yi C3014
Yap Xiao En C3018 Tan Wern See C3031
Yong Joey C3028 Teng Jun Yu C3009
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Special Awards” open=”no” style=”fancy”]
Special Awards
Award Name Nationality Participation Number
Young Talented Singer Award Grace Karen Kelana A3023
Best Stage Presence Punnika Mahuemuang A1015
Potential Vocalist Maria Luisa Robles Proaño A3020
Best Stage Presence Liaw Jin Yuan A1024
Outstanding Entertainer Ng Aik Juan C1017
Energetic Performance Award Chua Xin En C1003
Most Artistic Video Ng Zu Ni C2040
Great Expression Award Lim Shien Li C3010
Soulful Vocal Award Joyce Singai Dickson C3011
Passionate Singing Award Roy Wong Weng Hin C3012
Potential Recording Artist Award Elliza Fernando C3012
Sincere Song Interpretation Award Lee Yen Rou C3023
Outstanding Performer Erika Foo Hann-Yi C3029
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Special Jury Prizes” open=”no” style=”fancy”]
Special Jury Prizes
Name Nationality Participation Number
Alilada Lily Vagyoczki B3029
Punnika Mahuemuang A1015
Cayley Chai Sze En B1004
Chue Qing En B1040
Chue Ryee En B2038
Erika Foo Hann-Yi B3055
I Gusti Ayu Atisha Kirana Adhi Putri B1047
Jade Ninsuvannaku B1014
Loh Pin Neng C3011
Ng Zu Ni B2063
Punnika Mahuemuang B1064
Putera Haziman Bin Hamidan B3023
Tanranda Tangpaosak B2059
Tiffany Ang Yun Xuan B2022
Vyktor Theus V. Bayle B1065
Yada Rangsethienchai B3050
Yaw Li Chiann B3016