Eunice Yoa

    Eunice Yoa Min Jyh, born in 1996 in Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia. She completed her Diploma in music in Malaysian Institute of Arts (MIA) in the year of 2016. She was majoring in piano under the tutelage of Ms. Yuan Leow Yunn and also minoring in classical vocal under the tutelage of Ms.Yeoh Ker Ker.

    She is a member of Malaysian Institute of Arts Ladies Chorus whom she’s travelled with to Vietnam for choir competition and Hainan for choir festival performance. She has been performed in various activities such as convocation of MIA, opening ceremony of 13th Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod as invited guest, Ladies Chorus 10th Anniversary “Gratitude” celebration, “Precious” recital concert, “The Lost Voices” recital concert and many more.

    She actively participated activities during the period in Malaysian Institute of Art. She awarded as Best Student of the year of 2017. Besides, she was the vice president of music society and actively participated in many concerts organised by MIA such as Malaysian Mosaic Music, Musical Initials as percussionist and etc. As a singer, she performed in Sing Out! 2015 and Sing Out! 2017 as a soloist.

    She done Internship programme in Young Choral Academy in 2015. Furthermore, she completed The Australian Kodàly Certificate in Music Education -Primary Level III in the year of 2018. She is currently teaching at Sri Kuala Lumpur International School, SJK(C) Mun Choong, SJK(C) Lai Meng, Lai Meng Kindergarten and SMK Seafield as music and choir teacher. She also teaches the Elementary level at the KL Children’s Choir in Young Choral Academy. Meanwhile, she also work with Ms Susanna Saw in Malaysian Institute of Arts Ladies Chorus as assistant conductor.

Louise Flores

My son has been taking piano and guitar lessons for more than a year. He loves his teachers and I can tell that they really care about my kid too. Your music school is wonderful and I highly recommend.

Louise Flores / parent
Diana Jones

The school has everything that children need for successful study: textbooks, daily assignments, planner, notebooks, music sheets, a staff who are very nice and kind, and ready to help at any time.

Diana Jones / parent
Martin Wood

I am most grateful that my son's guitar teacher not only makes learning fun and shares his knowledge, but his passion for music as well. I could not have found a better place for him to learn guitar.

Martin Wood / parent

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