Foreword from Ms Susanna Saw
Co-founder of Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod (MCE)

Who would have thought that we would suddenly be experiencing a world-wide pandemic that would change our lives so drastically, especially those of us who are singers? Throughout this entire period, choir singing has been regarded as an activity that is “unsafe”. It has been more than a year now, and most of us miss making music in person together with our students and friends. I have the utmost admiration for those who continue to make music through online rehearsals. Kudos to all the teachers, students and parents who are working very hard to keep this art form alive!
At the Young Choral Academy, we also miss seeing everyone face to face. We miss the sound and laughter from all the gatherings. We miss performing for each other during competitions and festivals. We miss the adrenaline rush before and during performances and events. However, this will not stop us from learning, trying and singing! As such, we are thrilled to be able to organize the MCE Virtual Choral Festival this June, to bring the choral community together again. This year, we have a special theme – “Sing On!” Through this, we hope to encourage all choral lovers to continue creating magical moments through singing.
We are offering two different Choir Competitions this year:
1. Virtual – this is specially for choirs who still cannot resume physical rehearsals. Choir
members must take on the demands of singing alone at home, while still working on musical precision. They must also face the challenges of producing a virtual choir video by working alongside good audio and video editors. This new way of presenting a performance is a very time consuming process, but allows choirs to still sing together despite not being able to meet in person.
2. Pre-recorded Live Performance – this is for choirs who are able to resume physical rehearsals. Choirs who take this option must adhere strictly to current SOP guidelines for the safety of both students and teachers.
Apart from the choir competitions, we also have the Patriotic Song Solo Singing Competition for those who are keen to take on the challenge of solo singing. If you are unable to participate in any of the competitions, we do have a series of workshops, choral exchange programs and Friendship Concerts to keep you engaged.
We understand that preparing for any competition is not an easy journey, especially in these times, but your participation in this festival is already a valuable experience in itself. Come and experience how music influences our body and mind while virtually connecting with other music lovers. See you soon!

Downloadable Files

Kindly refer to this competition booklet for more information.



25th June,Friday 4pm-6pm 8pm-9.30pm
Meet the Jury Sessions
-Patriotic Solo Singing Competition
Open Ceremony
Award Ceremony for Patriotic Solo Singing
competition performance
from the category winners
26th June,Saturday 9am-10am 11am-12pm 2pm-3pm 4pm-5pm 6pm-7pm 8pm-9.45pm
Workshop 1
On Choral Repertoire
Workshop 2
On Choral
Exchange 1
27th June,Sunday 10am-12pm 1pm-3pm 4pm-6pm
Workshop 3
-Malaysian Choral
Composition and arrangement
Meet The jury
Virtual Choir Competition
Award and Closing

Virtual Choir Competition Jury Panel

Patriotic Solo Singing Competition



B3 Open Category

A3 Open Category
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A2 Secondary School Category
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A1 Primary School Category
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Patriotic Solo Song Singing Competition

C5 Open Category

C4 Open Category
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C3 Secondary School Category
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C2 Primary School Category
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C1 Secondary School Category
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